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Black Friday Security

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Black Friday is just around the corner and is now a key date for shoppers in the UK. Falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Retailers have seen the impact that it has had in the US and decided to capitalise on this. Selling their products at cut prices before the busy traditional festive shopping period, this has made for great opportunities for stores across the country but also an increase in shoplifting and other offences with some stores reporting an increase of up to 33% over this period in 2014. This is largely due to the hectic nature of Black Friday, people rushing to get the best deals however they can. You may remember seeing scenes of people running out of stores with stolen TVs, fights on shop floors and elderly people being knocked over by stampeding shoppers.

Over the last couple of years, stores have been reporting unprecedented numbers of customers entering their stores as well as increasing sales. It is vital that whilst you make the mPlus Security - Black Fridayost of the opportunity, you also cover yourself against the potential crime spree that can be Black Friday. In London alone, the Metropolitan Police dealt with 3530 incidents of shoplifting, almost 400 more than the year before. Although, considering the chaos of Black Friday it is likely that the real number is much higher as many incidents will have gone undetected or not reported.

So how can we protect ourselves against this? There is no need to go overboard with masses of security staff, this is proven to cause an increased feeling of unrest among customers, making them uncomfortable and thus reducing sales. Therefore, you must ensure that you employ the right staff, aware of how to work hand in hand with customers without having a negative effect on customers shopping experience. These security personnel are hard to come by, able to manage customers in a way that will not cause disruption whilst protecting assets and minimising damage to property and other people. Even with good security staff, they can only manage so much, especially with the chaos that surrounds Black Friday. You must ensure that all security and retail staff are aware how to use loss prevention systems such as electronic article surveillance tags and antennas.

These steps will help to maximise profits and reduce the risk of, it is also important to try and deter opportunist thieves with techniques that will reduce their temptation to steal. This would include things like ensuring that items that are highly susceptible to theft are away from the entrance and guarded properly, As well as having visible deterrents such as security tags on valuable stock.

Finally, it is important to consider that in the weeks following Black Friday, there will be slightly higher numbers of shop lifting offences as people may be “having another go” after being successful the first time. Taking this into account, you must continue with an increased emphasis on security that you normally would during the following weeks.

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