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Stop & Search

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A Stop and check Security procedure is to ensure safety at the weakest point of entry into or exiting from your business, the front entrance. This is where public and private buildings are at their most vulnerable and where you are most at risk from criminal activity or terrorist threat. No-one likes to be stopped and searched, but in reality when the procedure is considered, it gives people a feeling of well being and safety.

Plus Security have the necessary expertise and staff to make this invasive process as less traumatic as possible. Our professionally trained staff are discrete and know exactly how to handle every eventuality without causing offence or panic. Our first line security services covers:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Distribution Centre
  • Mail Distribution Centre
  • Public Buildings
  • Private Building
  • Public Event
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities

All businesses need a safe and secure environment in which to operate and flourish, achieving this ideal environment is fraught with many challenges. Preventing unauthorised access to your property, preventing criminal damage, theft, arson and reducing the potential for assault are all real risks which must be addressed.

Security Investigation

Plus Security are experts in handling internal or external investigations if the need arises, and we have very good evidence gathering relationships with law enforcement agencies nationwide. The key to reducing risks and establishing the safe and secure environment which we all strive for is to be aware, alert and prepared for any eventuality.

This is where Plus Security can help. As a leading nationwide provider of Manned Guarding Services, Plus Security are experts in corporate security solutions. Our SIA approved security officers provide a highly effective visual deterrent, drastically reducing your risks, which goes a long way in providing a safe and secure environment for you, your business, staff and customers.

In addition to the obvious benefits of a high visibility presence, all Plus Security’s officers are expertly trained and able to act quickly and appropriately to any given situation with the protection of life and property always at the forefront of our minds.

Plus Security will perform an in depth security risk assessment of your premises paying particular attention to at-risk areas and any specific concerns you may have so that we can individually tailor our services to provide maximum levels of protection at competitive rates.

Plus Security’s officers are currently deployed on a wide range of sites including.

  • Construction sites
  • Car parks
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
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