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Dog Handling Security in Leicester

K9 Security in Leicester - Dog Handler Security Leicester

Leicester, like most places in the UK is developing rapidly and construction sites are a very common sight across the city. With more and more reports of building sites being broken into, stolen from and vandalised, we have improved our dog handler security services in Leicester to help tackle these issues.

Our Security Guard Dogs and specialised Dog Handlers in Leicester can help protect your building site, business premises, residential property or place of work. By hiring one of our trained dog handlers and guard dogs, you are adding a fantastic visual and physical deterrent to intruders. Criminals are much less likely to break into a site where they know there is a guard dog, and simply having a guard dog on site can reduce your crime levels. Secondly, our dogs are trained to alert the guards to any attempt of a break in, and can detect people approaching much earlier than a human or CCTV camera ever could.

Our K9 security dogs and security team have all the training needed should they be required to tackle an intruder. Our security staff will always try to ensure this is done in the fastest and safest manner, therefore minimising the threat to your property and/or staff.

We only supply trained guard dogs and reliable, accredited dog handlers to any premises.

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All our animals are well looked after, happy and good at what they do. To hire our security dog protection services in Leicester then call us today on 0800 0337 109 or use the form below.

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