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Industrial Security

Industrial security is becoming increasingly important due to the high value of goods stored on many industrial sites. Manufacturing plants for example are often targeted by thieves due to the high value of the products being manufactured on site. Criminals are also aware that manufacturing and industrial buildings can often hold a large amount of expensive materials on-site, as well as high value tools and accessories which are often a target of theft. Even if you have never been a target of crime it is vital to secure your business from the threat of theft to ensure your company can continue to run smoothly. Break-ins and theft from industrial business properties can upset your day-to-day productivity and in more extreme cases force business to close. We understand how important your business is to you and we have a range of industrial security services to protect your company and suit your needs and budget.

Industrial Security Solutions

  • Static Security Guards for Industrial Premises
  • Industrial Manned Guarding
  • Industrial Mobile Patrols
  • Industrial Security Dog Patrols
  • Industrial Site CCTV Security
  • Security Guards for industrial sites

Plus Security has a great deal of experience providing security services for industrial premises such as factories, manufacturing plants, industrial buildings and warehouses. A few of our services include mobile security patrols around industrial sites, manned guarding and static security guards stationed in and around your business premises and dog handler patrols to guard the perimeter or interior of your facility.

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