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construction security birmingham

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Construction Security Birmingham

Birmingham has always been an affluent and thriving city. Rich in culture and host to a wide diversity of business, Birmingham in the West Midlands used to be a manufacturing powerhouse. Birmingham is still the UK’s second-largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom by GDP and industry is still highly popular. New construction projects in Birmingham are as diverse as the imagination, and construction security in Birmingham has the same issues as in the rest of the UK

With the increase in house building across the UK, many new construction sites have opened. Add to this the myriad of hotel developments, office blocks across Birmingham, the road and rail network improvements including HS2, plus the huge increase in the building of warehousing nationally to manage the massive demand for online sales, and it is soon obvious that the number of construction sites in Birmingham is higher than ever before.

Plus Security - Construction Site Security Services in Birmingham

Managing Security on Construction Sites

This huge increase in building and construction has given rise to the big issue of construction security in Birmingham. Gone are the days when a makeshift fence around a building site would be sufficient a deterrent to thieves and criminals. Modern construction sites tend to be huge developments, be they city centre office blocks and hotels or out of town housing estates and warehousing. The nature of construction has also changed somewhat over the years and there is now a requirement for very expensive plant and machinery to carry out much of the work that was previously done manually. To that end, construction security is now a major issue.

Managing the security on a construction site requires advance planning. Many construction sites share similarities of security requirements but another consideration is that each site is unique. The location and geography of the construction site, access to the site, particularly in the early days of the project starting, as well as the local neighbourhood. Like it or not, some locations have different demographics of crime rates and these need to be considered.

Construction Security – Prevention from the Start

Plus Security Ltd are a National accredited and experienced security company that specialise in construction security in Birmingham. When initially approached to carry out a security site assessment we take all of the above factors into account. How, for example in an out of town rural site can security initially be offered to cover plant and machinery as work commences? Then there are the questions of perimeter fencing, access control to the construction site as well as the storage and access to expensive tooling. If damaged or stolen, there is a down time while the plant and machinery has to be replaced which has a high cost implication when contractors and workers are stood idle.

Planning and prevention are far better than reactionary measures taken after a security breach. Plus Security has the experience to be able to advise on all construction security issues in and around the Birmingham area including Aston Villa, West Bromwich, Dudley, Coventry and The Midlands.

Get in touch with Plus Security and we will be delighted to offer our unrivalled experience to help secure and manage your construction site. Use the quote form at the top of this page to get an instant quote.

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