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construction security glasgow

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Construction Security Glasgow

Since the financial crisis and a resurgence in the economy, new construction sites have sprung up all over the UK. A trip to any large town or city will see many new infra structure and office developments taking place. The massive increase in online sales has created a huge network of super warehouses across the country serving the buyers needs. This is all great for the economy but unfortunately has a downside – that of construction site security. Glasgow is no different to the rest of the United Kingdom, where construction security is becoming a much larger issue than ever before.

Why is there such an increase in the requirement for construction security?

It is relatively easy to understand why there is such an increased requirement for construction security. Firstly the sheer volume of construction projects across the country has risen dramatically over the last few years. New housing requirements dictated by The Government are being satisfied by construction sites in almost every town and city. Infra structure such as road and rail are all creating construction sites that require security, and new offices, hotels and warehousing, not just in Glasgow but across the country need security protection.

Plus Security - Construction Site Security Services Glasgow

Why is construction security so important?

There are a number of fundamental reasons why construction security is so critical. Firstly, ‘would be’ criminals see construction sites as a relatively easy target. Historically, construction sites would not be well protected from thieves. Perimeter fencing was makeshift and inadequate, access control was weak and usually a ‘tool shed’ with a big padlock was the only real concession to security and theft prevention.

Criminals have taken advantage to such an extent that now construction security has become a huge issue. Partly because of the sheer cost of replacing plant, tools and machinery, partly because of the huge down time that workers and contractors have to endure whilst waiting for new plant and tools and, thirdly, quite simply the insurance companies were finding construction sites almost impossible to insure due to the high volume of regular thefts.

An interesting recent statistic claims that less than 10% of plane and machinery ever stolen is recovered. Clearly this is not an area where the Police are spending great resources, so prevention has to be the solution.

How to secure your construction site

Plus Security Ltd are a nationwide, accredited and experienced security company that specialise in construction security in Glasgow. We can advise on all elements of construction site security that will prevent even the most determined criminals.

Some of our security solutions include:

  • Manned security guards on construction sites in Glasgow
  • 24/7 patrolling
  • K9 patrols
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Night lighting
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Access control

Different construction sites in Glasgow require different solutions. Get in touch with Plus Security Ltd for a no obligation conversation and free assessment of your unique construction security requirements. Our experience will enable us to offer high quality advice that can provide you with a cost effective security solution.

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