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construction security yorkshire

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Construction Security Yorkshire

Construction sites in Yorkshire have increased in number almost exponentially over the last few years. Not surprising as Yorkshire is one of the UK’s largest counties and the growth in house building projects as well as business means that construction security has become a huge issue in the area.

Plus Security Ltd are a specialist construction security company supplying solutions to construction site security across Yorkshire and the whole of the United Kingdom.

Plus Security - Construction Site Security Services in Yorkshire

Huge Increase in Construction Sites

When you consider the county of Yorkshire, which is actually split into North, South, East and West Yorkshire you will start to realise the size of the population. Encompassing Leeds and Bradford, York, Selby, Wakefield, Doncaster and Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham and Huddersfield to name just a few of the larger cities, the Governments requirements for increased new house building alone had created hundreds of new construction sites. Add to this the developments in the towns and cities in Yorkshire that include hotels, offices, car parking projects as well as warehousing, roads and rail projects, then the sheer size of the construction security issue becomes apparent.

Managing Security on Construction Sites

The management of security on construction sites has become a huge issue. When traditionally a construction site consisted of a few lockable buildings that were incredibly easily broken into, construction sites are now often sprawling masses of land populated with very expensive plant and machinery, as well as specialist tooling. As less that 10% of stolen plant and machinery is ever recovered, criminals and thieves see construction sites as easy pickings for high value items that are easily sold on again. To that end it is not just construction site operators that have realised that security on construction sites is of very high importance but also insurance companies are making demands for much higher levels of security to avoid higher premiums and, in many cases to grant any insurance cover at all.

Preventative Security Measures

Planning a construction project simply has to include security for all of the above reasons. If valuable plant and machinery is stolen or damaged there is of course a cost to replace. But to many construction projects, down time whilst waiting for new equipment and tools that means contractors and staff are stood idle means that deadlines can easily be missed, often invoking penalty clauses.

Plus Security has much invaluable experience in both planning construction site security as well as implementing them. Some of the methods that are available to construction site developers include:

  • Robust perimeter fencing
  • After dark lighting systems
  • 24/7 CCTV security and monitoring systems
  • Manned guards on construction sites in Yorkshire
  • Access control systems to monitor who is on the site
  • Rapid response units
  • Dog patrols with dog handlers

Planning and implementing an effective construction site security policy is essential. And it is far more effective when implemented right from the start rather than as a reactionary measure after a security or vandalism breach has occurred.

Get in touch with Plus Security Ltd for a no obligation discussion on how we can help to keep your construction site safe and secure, saving you time and money. For a quick quote use the form at the top of the page.

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