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dog handling leeds

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Dog Handling Leeds

Dog handling Leeds, that’s the city, not dog leads!  Dog handling has become a key element of security services and one that is hard to challenge by would-be intruders and criminals. Dog handlers carry a natural air of supremacy when challenged, and for obvious reasons. A well-trained security dog will strike fear into most people. They do not know or understand a dog’s intention but they do realise that if they are trespassing or generally ‘up to no good’ then they are clearly in the wrong and the consequences of their actions is then out of their hands.

Plus Security Ltd uses dog handlers and security dogs as both a deterrent as well as for protection. Our dogs are highly trained to protect and to apprehend, not to attack. But criminals do not realise this and they do not want to take the risk of being seriously hurt.

Plus Security - Dog Handling Security - K9 Security Dogs in Leeds

Security Dogs and Dog Handlers – The Ultimate Leeds Security Deterrent?

Dogs have heightened senses of hearing and smell, way above those of humans. When working as a team with an experienced dog handler they offer the advantage of awareness of danger and sniffing out trouble before the dog handler may even be aware. This gives them a huge advantage over trespassers and criminals who may not even know that the security dog and dog handler are aware of their presence. Minutes, even seconds can make a huge difference in these circumstances.

But the vast majority of the time dog handling is used as a security deterrent. Often dogs are used in crowd control situations to give the manned guard extra protection and credibility. Music concerts, large outdoor gatherings where there may be some disturbances are the ideal scenario where dog handlers and security dogs give out a strong and reassuring presence.

dog handler leeds security

Access Control and Dog Handlers in Leeds

Access control is another area where security dogs are often employed. Highly sensitive establishments such as some financial institutions benefit from a manned guard with a security dog. It certainly makes criminals think twice before acting. But another huge advantage of security dogs being used by experienced dog handlers is that of disarming an assailant then detaining them until the authorities or extra guards arrive. Unfortunately in current times, there are too many knife-carrying criminals on the streets and security dogs present the perfect opportunity to combat an armed trespasser or assailant and disarm them before the worst can happen. There are not many criminals that would challenge a well-trained security dog intent on disarming them.

Plus Security Ltd operates dog handlers in Leeds along with well-trained security dogs. Our areas of activity cover the following areas:

  • Leeds City Centre dog handling
  • Holbeck
  • Beeston
  • Elland
  • Bradford
  • Hunslet
  • Rawmarsh
  • Headingley
  • Meanwood
  • Armley
  • Hyde Park
  • Leeds Universities dog handlers

To find out exactly how Leeds dog handlers and security dogs can be used as a part of your security deterrent contact Plus Security Ltd for a no-obligation discussion on your current security strategy and how we may be able to complement and assist you to remain safe.

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