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Dog Handling London

As a part of any security strategy, dog handling is one of the most effective deterrents in the appropriate circumstances. Dog handling of canine (or K9 as it is often referred to) patrols is a very high visibility security deterrent that has would be criminals and trouble makers thinking twice. When there are potential crowd control issues to be managed, or high levels of security required, then dog handling security is up there amongst the very best of deterrents.

Dog Handling – The Security Priorities

Dogs obviously have heightened senses above those of humans. This advantage is used to the full in the training of dogs to be used in security situations. Everyone is familiar with dogs being used to sniff out drugs and explosives, this itself is highly skilled. But there are other advantages to these honed and heightened senses that dogs possess. Night time patrols on security sites and perimeter management are when dog handling and K9 skills are well utilised. A dog can smell and hear potential danger before most humans which gives the advantages of alertness within the dog handler to be aware of possible danger. Very often these early warnings make all the difference between the would-be trouble causer fleeing or confronting.

Plus Security - Dog Handling Security - K9 Security Dogs in London

Our dog handlers and K9 security partners are trained to initially defend against life threatening situations. If provoked our dogs will attack but not with the intent to harm. They are trained to disable the attacker or intruder and restrain them until appropriate action can be taken by the dog handler or the authorities.

Dog Handling – Preventative Security

Plus Security Ltd have a number of highly trained dog handlers and dogs. The main purpose of dog handling is to present a deterrent to intruders or attackers. Most people would certainly think twice before taking on a dog handler with a highlycompetent and aggressive looking dog as his or her partner. Knowing that the dog is more agile and faster than most assailants, and backed up by the dog handler they soon realise that they do not stand much chance of carrying out their intentions successfully. Our dog handlers are used to patrol sensitive sites where security is of the utmost importance but also to give a reassuring back up to the manned guard that may be looking after an office or construction site alone.

Plus Security Ltd – Dog Handling and the Team

security dogs london

All of our security dogs are well looked after and undertake regular health checks. We do not subject our security dogs to unreasonable situations unless absolutely necessary, when life may be in danger for example. The vast majority of the time our security dogs act simply as a high visibility and highly effective deterrent against crime or threatening behaviour.

Contact Plus Security Ltd to find out how dog handlers can become an integral and effective part of your security strategy in London. Prevention against security threats is always the best and most effective solution. You can get a quick quote in less than 15 minutes by completing the form on this page.

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