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k9 security coventry

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K9 Security in Coventry

Gone are the days when a small business owner could go out and buy a big, powerful security dog and leave it at the office overnight, protecting his buildings and stock. We understand why this is the case, but everyone knows just how effective this was. It would be a ridiculously brave or foolhardy criminal that would attempt a break in when, on the other side of the door was a snarling and barking German Shepherd or Rottweiler intent on ripping them to pieces.

Times move on, but K9 security dog services in Coventry and across the United Kingdom have matured into a very high value crime deterrent as well as an effective way of actually dealing with crime. Most people are familiar with seeing the police and security guards using security dogs at airports, train stations and other areas where high security is essential. K9 security certainly does work. Crowd control, access to buildings and offices and general public well being. But K9 security is also a highly effective crime deterrent.

Plus Security Ltd and K9 Security in Coventry

Plus Security Ltd is an established (2005) and accredited security company working in Coventry, the Midlands and across the United Kingdom. We operate a large network of security guards and offer a wide range of security services. These include, of course K9 security in Coventry with trained security dog handlers but we also offer rapid response security, often integrating K9 security into this service to become even more effective.

We are the leading security guard company in the UK for managing security on construction sites and building sites in Coventry and across the United Kingdom, working for some of the largest blue chip construction companies. We also offer retail security guards for shops and shopping outlets, and manage car park security across the country. CCTV 24/7 recording and monitoring helps our rapid response units to intercept crime early and our access control security includes office and concierge services. One area where we are finding much interest in Coventry is K9 security.

The crime deterrent value of effective and high visibility K9 security is beyond question. criminals will always opt for the softest, easiest of targets and security dogs with trained handlers represent a challenge to say the least. If criminals decide to break into a building but sees security warnings explaining that K9 security dogs are being used, then most of them will think twice, usually moving on to a softer option where the chances of being caught and prosecuted are much less.

Plus Security Ltd – Security Services in Coventry

Plus Security are a national company and work in Coventry and the Midlands. Areas of our security activity include but are not restricted to the following places:

  • Coventry and Allesley
  • Kenilworth and Meriden
  • Finham and Rowington
  • Bedworth and Nuneaton
  • Stoneleigh and Monks Kirby
  • Shilton and Ansty

For any enquiries relating to K9 security in Coventry and surrounding areas get in touch with Plus Security Ltd, here to help and protect


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