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Security Dog Handling London

It is a proven fact that security dogs are a highly effective deterrent. When partnered with highly trained and efficient security dog handlers then there are not many more efficient security deterrents or form of apprehension available in London and across the UK. Security dogs sense both smell and danger well in advance of their human dog handlers and this gives them an advantage when apprehending or detecting intruders.

Security dog handlers in London are well used to crowds and working amongst people. Indeed many events require the services of security dog handlers. Examples or security work where security dogs excel include:

  • Crowd control and management
  • Construction site patrolling and security
  • Building access control
  • Sporting and music events
  • Night patrols in quieter areas

Plus Security - Dog Handling Security London - K9 Security Dogs in London

Security Dogs – That Added Bite to Security

Not literally the added bite of course, but metaphorically speaking it is a brave assailant that would challenge a security dog handler and his dog. Our security dogs are impeccably trained. Their main responsibility is for the protection of their handler, followed by the capture, disarming and detaining of the intruder. Should one of our security dogs be let off the leash then its intentions are not to harm, but to protect and detain until the relevant authorities arrive on the scene.

Our uniformed security dog handlers offer one of the most effective visual deterrents in London where security is becoming a part of life. Our security dog handlers are available across all parts of London including West ham, Docklands, Canary Wharf, Ilford, Kensington and Chelsea, Greenwich, Isle of Dogs, Camden, Wimbledon, Islington and Hackney, Lambeth, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets. We will be delighted to quote for the services of our qualified and highly trained security dg handlers in London.

Why Choose Plus Security Ltd for your Security Dog Handler in London?

Plus Security Ltd has huge experience with security dog patrols and security dog handlers in London. We understand where security dogs can be most effective as a security deterrent as well as a security solution. When a potential new client approaches us with some security requirements we undertake an assessment of any security breaches that they may have experienced, along with any security weak spots that we may identify. Solutions can include a variety of security solutions including perimeter fencing, access control, CCTV with 24/7 recording, night time illumination of sites, car parks, industrial estates etc.

One area where security dogs and manned guards work particularly well are with night patrols and access control, be that to public or private events or to offices and financial institutions where there is an increased security risk. We are happy to share the benefits of our experience to ensure that you receive the highest levels of security that you require, at the most cost effective budget available .

Get in touch with Plus Security Ltd to see how our many services can help your security requirements.

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