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fast response security london

Fast Response Security Company London   Fast response security – we all have a vision of patrol vans screaming through the city streets in response to some crime but the reality of fast response security may not be quite as imagined. Fast response security involves technology as much as it involves fast cars or vans. […]

concierge security services london

Concierge Security Services London The many concierge guards that have emerged over the years in London businesses and offices are, more often than not highly trained contracted guards that are contracted by the business owners or building operators to manage security and access control. It is an unfortunate but true reflection of the country that […]

security dog handlers london

Security Dog Handlers London There are many reasons why dogs make such effective security threat deterrents. Firstly there is the visual threat itself. A ferocious looking dog straining at the leash can be quite a presence that may well need consideration form a would be vandal or thief about to enter your property. Security dogs […]

security dog handling london

Security Dog Handling London It is a proven fact that security dogs are a highly effective deterrent. When partnered with highly trained and efficient security dog handlers then there are not many more efficient security deterrents or form of apprehension available in London and across the UK. Security dogs sense both smell and danger well […]

dog handling london

Dog Handling London As a part of any security strategy, dog handling is one of the most effective deterrents in the appropriate circumstances. Dog handling of canine (or K9 as it is often referred to) patrols is a very high visibility security deterrent that has would be criminals and trouble makers thinking twice. When there […]

dog handling leeds

Dog Handling Leeds Dog handling Leeds, that’s the city, not dog leads!  Dog handling has become a key element of security services and one that is hard to challenge by would-be intruders and criminals. Dog handlers carry a natural air of supremacy when challenged, and for obvious reasons. A well-trained security dog will strike fear […]

leicester construction site security

Leicester Construction Site Security Company Leicester construction site security has become a major concern in the last decade. Leicester in the Midlands is a relatively thriving place with a huge diversity of businesses. Since the financial crash investment across the whole of the UK was at a low but in the last few years infra […]

construction security glasgow

Construction Security Glasgow Since the financial crisis and a resurgence in the economy, new construction sites have sprung up all over the UK. A trip to any large town or city will see many new infra structure and office developments taking place. The massive increase in online sales has created a huge network of super […]

construction security birmingham

Construction Security Birmingham Birmingham has always been an affluent and thriving city. Rich in culture and host to a wide diversity of business, Birmingham in the West Midlands used to be a manufacturing powerhouse. Birmingham is still the UK’s second-largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom by GDP and industry is still highly popular. New […]

construction security yorkshire

Construction Security Yorkshire Construction sites in Yorkshire have increased in number almost exponentially over the last few years. Not surprising as Yorkshire is one of the UK’s largest counties and the growth in house building projects as well as business means that construction security has become a huge issue in the area. Plus Security Ltd […]

construction security cardiff

Construction Security Cardiff Never has there been a more important time to not just consider but also to implement construction security in Cardiff and surrounding areas. Not to cast aspersions on the local demographics of Cardiff, but the whole of the UK is experiencing a huge surge in theft and crime on construction sites.  Seen […]

construction security midlands

Construction Security Midlands Construction site security has become a major issue with construction projects, especially over the last few years. The sheer volume of construction sites in the Midlands has increased massively recently and Plus Security Ltd are the ideal Midlands construction security company to help and advice on developing and implementing a security strategy, […]

construction security london

Construction Security London  Why is construction security so essential in London? Construction sites across London offer inviting opportunities to a wide range of the community. Vandals will potentially relish the perverse pleasure that they clearly receive from recklessly destroying property. Thieves see  opportunities to take off with high value construction equipment including plant and tools. […]

construction site security leeds

Construction Site Security in Leeds  Construction site security in Leeds is a huge issue that construction companies have to contend with every day and night. Construction sites are seen as easy pickings for criminals. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the security on construction sites in Leeds is often at best poor, […]

construction security leeds

Construction Security Leeds Construction security is a serious and sizeable part of any modern construction project. Historically, construction sites would simply ring fence the construction site with perimeter fencing, set up a makeshift gate to close at night and store tools in a lock up. This served ok until there was a realisation amongst the […]

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